The Globe and Mail Centre
COVID-19 Policies

Updated – March 15, 2022


The Globe and Mail Centre is committed to employing the best standards and practices following the applicable government protocols.

In accordance with our standard contractual agreements, all clients, guests, staff, vendors and anyone else in the venue must abide by all of the venue’s COVID procedures in accordance with both public health and our own company policies.

The latest version of these policies is available online at

Policies are subject to change at any time without notice.

Any clients, guests, staff, vendors and anyone else in the venue not complying with these policies may be denied entry and/or removed from the premises.

The Globe and Mail Centre cannot guarantee an illness-free venue, and any persons who choose to enter the venue accept this as a potential risk.



The Globe and Mail Centre is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment. This has become even more critical and more challenging during the pandemic.  Vaccinations are a critical measure to help ensure everyone’s safety as they reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.  Vaccinations protect guests and our community.

The Globe and Mail Centre requires all staff, contractors and preferred vendors entering and working inside the venue to be fully vaccinated (two vaccinations or more) and to wear masks while walking about the premises.

Clients hosting an event at the Globe and Mail Centre will have the option to choose whether they would like their guests/attendees to be fully vaccinated and screened (whereby, proof of vaccination status along with a government issued photo ID will be required for entry), or not.

As of March 21, 2022, we will allow clients hosting events in our venue to decide whether they want their attendees to wear masks inside the event space during their event or not.  We will not enforce mask wearing for guests attending an event as this will be the responsibility of the client to communicate to their attendees whether they require masks during their event or not.  Although our clients will have mask wearing options as of this date, all staff, vendors and contractors will continue to wear masks while in the venue.



The Globe and Mail Centre will permit the total gathering (event) capacity allowed by the provincial government in the event venue spaces in accordance with the provincial guidelines. The venue will confirm the applicable capacity based on the event agenda and physical distancing space if required.

The gathering capacity will include all persons at the designated venue space, including clients, guests, vendors and staff who are in the venue at any one time.

Any applicable guest count limits will be specific to event guests/attendees and will not include persons working to deliver event services.

Any seated areas will be set up in accordance with government guidelines should there be any at the time of the event.



The Globe and Mail Centre will continue to maintain rigorous cleanliness and sanitization standards, including the use of hospital-grade disinfectants in our cleaning practices, and the application of an anti-microbial shield treatment to commonly touched surfaces.

Every event has a dedicated custodial attendant who delivers cleaning and disinfectant procedures with a focus on faucets and toilet flushers, doorknobs, locks and commonly touched surfaces, before, during and after each scheduled event.

The venue areas accessed by any persons will be cleaned prior to and following each event. Washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized twice during events longer than 5 hours.



Any catered food services must be provided by an approved Preferred or Recommended Caterer, to ensure the consistent delivery of venue procedures.



Each preferred or recommended caterer has provided and will abide by a fulsome series of operational procedures in alignment with the best practices in health standards, and will follow precise operating procedures at the venue for delivery, service and removal for each event.



We have a number of preferred suppliers for rentals which are defined as glassware, table and food preparation or on premises serving equipment.  Our vendors can also supply rental tables, chairs, bars and additional furniture.

All clean event rentals will be delivered to the servery area.

All used event rentals will be promptly removed to the designated area in the Jasper room.



Only EPIQ Vision is permitted to provide AV Services on the premises, including the provision of any equipment (staging, lighting, sound, video and rigging) and labour in accordance with their operational procedures.


including furniture, florals, event décor, signage and entertainment

On site vendors need to be pre-approved by the event manager. The Globe and Mail Centre is not responsible for vendor compliance with any provincial and municipal regulations applicable to their type of business. Vendors will be required to supply a copy of their COVID operating procedures for review, as well as the completed Vendor Approval Form, and standard documentation for work at the venue.

Vendor Staff will be required to comply with the following procedures:

  • Vendor deliveries will be scheduled by the venue to allow for as much time between vendors as possible. Deliveries may be longer than normal to accommodate for distancing in the loading areas and in the freight elevator. The Globe and Mail Centre is not responsible for any additional fees included for delays in the delivery process, or if delivery windows are schedule in the days before or days following an event.
  • Face masks are required to be worn by vendor at all times. If vendors are stationary and physically distanced from guests, they may remove their masks for specific periods of time (ie. musicians, officiants, etc.).
  • The vendor must supply an on-site supervisor who responsible for screening staff under their direction to be cleared for work at the beginning of their shift. They are required to complete the Daily Screening Form with each staff member. Any person that fails the requirements on the form will be sent home immediately. All forms will be reviewed by the operations manager to identify any patterns for potential cases of COVID-19, and if applicable advising the staff to seek medical attention and self-quarantine.
  • All vendor staff must report to their direct supervisor if they are feeling unwell, showing cold/flu signs or symptoms or witness another staff showing cold/flu symptoms. The supervisor will take appropriate actions as required and advise the employee to go home and to seek medical attention as needed.
  • All vendor supervisors will have an orientation upon arrival with a venue manager to be educated in the new procedures in the workplace regarding COVID-19.
  • Entertainment/Musicians will be limited to DJs, piano and string instrument musicians for wedding ceremonies. Reception music is limited to pre-recorded music. Singing and/or wind instruments are not permitted, unless performers are separated from all other persons by plexi barriers (supplied by the vendor).
  • Vendor staff are to avoid sharing supplies and tools. Cleanse shared items immediately after use.
  • Vendor supervisors are to ensure the regular disinfection of areas that workers frequently use and share (i.e.: tables, desks, tablets, computers, door handles).
  • Vendor staff are not permitted to consume any food or beverages in public or preparation areas. Staggered breaks will to allow distancing in designated vendor areas.
  • All vendor staff will follow strict hygiene and sanitation practices. Proper handwashing techniques are required at the beginning and end of every work shift and before and after preparing any food or beverage products, or consuming any food or beverages. Vendor staff SHOULD NOT touch their face, mouth, nose, or eyes without washing hands first.
  • Vendor staff are encouraged to practice physical distancing as much as possible.
  • Vendor staff are to sanitize any equipment they handle that will be in contact with or handled by another worker, client, or guest before and after each use. While handling large amounts of equipment and loading/unloading equipment from vehicles, event staff should wear gloves to avoid touching surfaces.
  • Vendor staff will be directed to use a designated restroom, and are to observe physical distancing while inside or waiting for restrooms.